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Dr. in Chiropractic.
Specialized in the vestibular system and functional neurology.

Doctor of Chiropractic. AEQ member # 1014

• Master in Functional Neurology. (FACFN) American College of Functional Neurology. USES. 2010
• Master in Vestibular Rehabilitation (FABVR) American College of Functional Neurology. 2010
• Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (BS), USA. 1987
• Bachelor of Chiropractic DC, from Logan College of Chiropractic. USES. 1989
• Resident of the Metropolitan Medical Hospital of St. Louis, Missouri. USA. 1989
• Applied Kinesiology. International College of Apply Kinesiology. USES. 150 h.
• International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. USES. 80 hours.
• Limb techniques, biomechanics, advanced radiological imaging and nutrition. Spanish
• Chiropractic Association and European Chiropractic Association. 180 hours.
• Participation in the International Pilates fitness conference with Dr. Juan Bosco. 2008
• Certified in first aid. Spain. 2010

• Chiropractic Clinic Puig Arne, Seville, Spain. Since 1989
• Chiropractic assistant in specialized clinics in applied Kinesiology of Dr. Hanicke and Dr. Kathy Conable. • (Missouri) and Dr. Mark Smith (Virginia). USES. 1982-1989. Academic training.

• Spanish Association of Chiropractic. A.E.Q.
• European Chiropractic Association (Union). E.C.U.
• American Chiropractic Association. A.C.A.
• Wisconsin Chiropractic Association.
• American College of Functional Neurology. A.C.F.N.
• International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. I.A.F.N.R
• Andalusian Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. SAMP

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